Break to Dawn Book

On 10 July 2003, Wendy launched her brand new book "Break to Dawn" at Raffles Institution.


Break to Dawn is an inspirational self-help book for youth about youth.

Wendy wrote this series of 5 short stories based on interviews with 5 youths who have faced setbacks (Breaks) and have bounced back to rediscover their worth and ability to contribute to the world (Dawns).


Written as moments of time captured on paper, these touchingly raw stories are designed to develop the emotional intelligence and resilience of youth. Each story begins with an introduction by Wendy followed by the moment of Break, then Questions of Self-understanding, then the moment of Dawn, then Questions of Empowerment then concludes with Wendy's thoughts and words of inspiration.


Wendy interviewed five teenagers for this book. Life mistakes, betrayal, failure, sickness and death are the setbacks that this book specifically addresses. Their setbacks (Breaks) and renewed belief in themselves (Dawns) illustrate the feelings and thoughts that are almost universal to teenagers and young adults everywhere.


Thoughts such as…

  • No one will love me… They will reject me because of my past and what I have done.
  • Maybe it is my fault… Maybe there's something in me that's no good.
  • I am afraid of failure… Afraid that I am not good enough.
  • Why didn't I work harder? Why did I think there was no need to put in much effort and still do well?
  • Why? No one loves me now.
  • If I want to do anything in life, I will do it well. Or not do it at all.


Wendy has created moments that will touch the souls of other youths. They will learn how to recover from mistakes, failures, loss and disappointment; and become stronger and wiser. They will also begin a self-empowering journey as reflective questions guide them to find their purpose, goals and strengths, and to think about the importance of courage and service in their lives.


"Wendy has put her heart and soul into making it a special " aid" for teenagers…. I commend "Break to Dawn" to every youth with an assurance that you have the courage to come through whatever break life dishes out to you and the power to take-off from any Dawn. You can fly!"

- from the Foreword by Tim de Souza GM, Singapore Youth Flying Club


On 28 Feb 2007, Wendy launched a follow-up to Break to Dawn, titled "Break to Dawn: New Challenges, New Commitments". Read more about it here.

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