If you had a magic wand, what would your life be like?


Resilience is important to Wand Inspiration.


When we design leadership, team or personal development programmes for our clients, resilience is a key value we aim to build. As much as all of us have aspirations and goals for improvement, we are constantly facing changes and unexpected events that might throw us off balance. Fears, uncertainty and conflicts are part of our lives. But they do not have to rule our lives.


My own experience with setbacks and success has reinforced the need for individuals, families and teams to have more self-awareness, social and emotional support, as well as powerful mindsets and habits that will empower them to overcome challenges and achieve work-life fulfillment.


Wand Inspiration was founded in 2003, and this year, we celebrate 10 years of “breathing life” (meaning of “Inspiration”) into thousands of people - students, parents, officers and executives.


Moving forward, we are committed to continually serve our clients and the community with love and excellence, as your trusted advisors, coaches and trainers.


Wendy Chua-Sullivan