What are You Thankful For?

Mummy is starting a business.  How would Grace and Joe help Mummy save money? 

How does being thankful help?


What are You Thankful For? demonstrates that it is possible for parents and children to

face life changes with love, discipline and gratitude.


In the parenting guide for What are You Thankful For?, parents receive advice on talking

to their children about changes, the importance of being non-judging and ways to nurture 

financial discipline and gratitude.


About Wendy Wand
Mother of 4 children, Wendy was the School Psychologist of Raffles Institution until she set

up her own business, Wand Inspiration, in 2003.  This story is based on her conversation

with her sons when she told them about her decision to change her career.  Wendy is also

the author of the multiple intelligence series All Kids R Gifted, and the resilience book for

youths Break to Dawn: New Challenges, New Commitments


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