Life Coaching



There may be periods when all areas in our life seem to demand our time and attention, and we feel tired. We may be competent in meeting everyone’s expectations and achieving various life pursuits but sometimes we wonder if we are truly happy. What then is stopping you from being contented in all areas of your life?

Imagine yourself being successful in your work, being a successful parent and child, while having time for yourself. If you are committed to believing that this is possible, this coaching programme is probably for you. In this 2-pronged coaching programme you will break through your limiting beliefs and leverage on your strengths in order to achieve success, balance and significance in your life. 

The first segment, “success from within” enables you to overcome your limiting beliefs and tap on your strengths to achieve your short and long-term goals. “Coaching for significance” then takes your success to a new height – creating a corporate and private way of life that contributes to the improvement of other people’s life.




















At the end of the coaching program, individuals should be able to develop:

  • Personal Mastery
    • Be clear about what is important to you and what your Individual Aspirations - vision, goals and targets are
    • Clarify your Current Reality – where they are relative to where they want to go
    • Discover the Purpose behind your vision and goals
  •  Positive Mental Models
    • Examine your mental Roadblocks – assumptions that limit you subconsciously
    • Learn to turn your roadblocks into empowering Mental Models
  • Lives of Significance
    • Learn to work and live with Purpose and Passion
    • Relate to others in a more Confident and Authentic manner
    • See how you Contribute to make a difference to yourself and others


Course Outline

  • Clarifying coaching goals involving all areas in your life
  • Reviewing progress of goals at the start of each session and creating a new realistic action plan at the end of it.
  • Understanding the values and hidden traits of yourself that is influencing the new behaviour
  • Having a life map or vision in life
  • Relooking at how you build trust with others.
  • Asking for feedback from others before discussing its relevance and implications
  • Tools that will handle your disappointments while developing resilience and confidence.


Target Audience
 Suitable for everyone

The recommended coaching programme comprise of 6 one-to-one sessions, each session’s duration is 90 minutes.


Total coaching fees include between sessions phone, email and text support. 




"We engaged Wendy and Thaddeus to help us organize a company wide seminar on the importance of working through global teams and operating with a global mindset. They helped us organize the content of the seminar, provided coaching to a very diverse multinational group of senior level leaders, and helped us gain alignment in the process. The seminar was a tremendous success. Wendy and Thaddeus were professional, responsive and a lot of fun to work with. Their insight and guidance were invaluable. I would highly recommend their services.."

Nicholas Ballas
Executive Vice President
Asia Pacific