Women As Leaders



With demands to meet at home and at work, how do women manage the expectations of others and cultivate success and happiness in their life? How does one develop the emotional and mental strength to overcome stress of burnout?


Discover how one can practise a mindset of gratitude and resilience to take control of one’s life and achieve both personal and professional fulfillment. Aimed to give women an opportunity to explore their strengths and potential and align their personal goals with their professional ambitions, this course ultimately engages and empowers woman to perform with greater confidence and resilience.


This highly interactive and practical workshop focuses on equipping women with the tools, knowledge and attitude that they need to grow and perform in work and life.











At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Develop deeper self-awareness regarding her career and personal goals, skills, interests and opportunities for growth
  • Learn tools to overcome her self-limiting beliefs and to build resiliency in life and at work
  • Gain confidence to articulate her accomplishments and progresses in career
  • Learn to coach and lead herself and others to achieve goals


Course Outline

  • Challenges and aspirations that women have
  • What drives behaviors and how to maximise potential and minimise interferences using the Iceberg Analogy
  • How does values, expectations and goals affect women at different stages in life and career, and vice versa
  • Applying our WAND approach for creating healthy relationships
  • Discovering one’s developmental and relevant career skills
  • How to overcome setbacks and move on to greater results


Target Audience
 Women of all ages

 Half/full day


  • In-class exercises and group discussions
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Case studies and role-plays (using realistic situations leaders and teams face)



"We engaged Wendy and Thaddeus to help us organize a company wide seminar on the importance of working through global teams and operating with a global mindset. They helped us organize the content of the seminar, provided coaching to a very diverse multinational group of senior level leaders, and helped us gain alignment in the process. The seminar was a tremendous success. Wendy and Thaddeus were professional, responsive and a lot of fun to work with. Their insight and guidance were invaluable. I would highly recommend their services.."

Nicholas Ballas
Executive Vice President
Asia Pacific