Team Building



Wand Inspiration can help align your team to a common vision in a fun and practical way.  Your team will build group resilience and foster greater trust. With improved performance, your team will help increase productivity in your organisation.


Whether its a newly formed team or an established team with flagging morale, we will instill in your team an empowering mindset through our coaching methods and psychological tools. The result will be teams that support each other in achieving their goals at home and at work. There will be greater trust, empathy and encouragement in your team.


This highly interactive and practical program focuses on equipping teams with the tools and attitude necessary to provide support for growth and performance as a team.




















At the end of the course, participants will have developed:

  • Self-awareness – deeper understanding about their own attitudes, energy level, support network and goals
  • Interpersonal awareness and empathy – learn to trust, accept and communicate effectively and openly with others in the team
  • Team resilience and effectiveness – learn to understand and leverage on one another’s strengths and overcome limitations
  • Align team members to a common vision and purpose
  • Improved productivity through enhanced morale and teamwork 


Course Outline

  • What drives human behavior and how to maximise potential while minimizsng interferences
  • Practices to build resilience and openness within a team
  • Teambuilding activities to build communication and trust as a team
  • Appreciate team member’s energy levels, contributions and requests that will ultimately enhance team effectiveness
  • Reflection on one’s life purpose, vision and goals, and actions one can take to align it closer to the organizational vision and goals


Target Audience
 General application across all teams

Half-day/ full-day/ two-days session


Client’s preferred venue and country


  • In-class exercises and group discussions
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Case studies and role-plays (using realistic situations leaders and teams face)


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” 
Michael Jordan