Youth Resilience



We are taught how to succeed. But the reality of life is that we will all encounter setbacks at various times in our lives. How often are we taught to manage our disappointments from a setback and bounce back from it?  Do you want your children and students to be able learn from their challenges, express their emotions healthily and grow stronger from it?


Youths need the opportunity to look within them and to recognize and affirm their own self-worth and to discover their ability to bounce back from the setbacks in their lives. Building the resilience in youths is possible and can be learnt regardless of one’s disposition.

This program uses the resilient life-stories of 5 youths in the book Break to Dawn:New Challenges, New Commitments, written by founder Wendy Chua, as one of the tools to facilitate the discovery and learning process. Matching the Social Emotional Learning Educational Framework set forth by the Ministry of Education, this program develops emotional intelligence, social contribution and self-regulation in a fun and interactive way. 














At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use mental tools to manage themselves, their emotions, thinking processes and motivation
  • Discover their aspirations and the choices they have in life, and ways to make responsible choices and to tap their potential to achieve those aspirations
  • Use tools to develop the resilience necessary to bounce back from the setbacks they have experienced in life
  • Get into the habit of setting goals, seeking support and reviewing results


Course Outline

  • Power of choosing a positive attitude
  • The cycle of continuous improvement: goal setting, seeking for support, power of small actions for a bigger improvement
  • Developing resilience with the “Drummer” character in Break to Dawn.  Discover the causal link between choices and consequences
  • Looking into the future and setting goals with the “Payee” in Break to Dawn. Our unique WAND approach would be shared here
  • Building emotional intelligence: awareness and responsible management of emotions
  • Learning to trust others and forgive oneself using the character “Actor”
  • Awareness of personal strengths and interests to create life map and build confidence
  • Practice acknowledging oneself and others


Target Audience
 12 to 20 years olds

 Four to five 2-hour sessions


  • Games and hands-on activities
  • In-class exercises and group discussions
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Case studies and role-plays (using realistic situations leaders face)


"We engaged Wendy and Thaddeus to help us organize a company wide seminar on the importance of working through global teams and operating with a global mindset. They helped us organize the content of the seminar, provided coaching to a very diverse multinational group of senior level leaders, and helped us gain alignment in the process. The seminar was a tremendous success. Wendy and Thaddeus were professional, responsive and a lot of fun to work with. Their insight and guidance were invaluable. I would highly recommend their services.."

Nicholas Ballas
Executive Vice President
Asia Pacific